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restaurant gastronomique La Source à Saint-Galmier, Loire
Restaurant gastronomique La Source, le Chef Antoine Bergeron et sa brigade
Menu restaurant gastronomique Saint Galmier
Menu restaurant gastronomique près de Saint-Etienne

La Source

Gastronomic restaurant

Come and be bowled over by our talented Chef Antoine Bergeron and his team! Antoine is a rising star of the latest generation of French chefs, offering a cuisine bursting with myriad colours and flavours, just a few hundred metres from the Source Badoit. Set your taste buds tingling by first feasting your eyes on his simple, colourful dishes, then dive into an astonishing whirlwind of flavours!


Comfortably settled in a white and bright purple armchair, surrounded by a light and airy yet structured décor, you can enjoy gourmet food at your own pace. You’ll feel like you’re taking a stroll in nature, with an immersive view over the 7-acre park. 


An enthusiast of regional products, Antoine designs his menu according to the seasons depending on the fresh produce he is able to obtain, which he turns into sublime refined dishes with passion. The result is cooking that is easy to understand, creating clear, fresh and generous-spirited dishes.






Jean de Luz Bluefin Tuna with tarragon and artichoke €17.80
"Gilthead Bream and Dill" Pink pepper and lemon vinegar sorbet €16.80
"Escalope of Duck Foie Gras" with chestnuts and blackberries €19.50€





"Ikejime Sea Bass with Corsican Clementine" Agria potatoes €26.90
"Creel-Caught Langoustine" Locally-grown tomatoes €24.90
"Brown Trout with Green Puy Lentils" Sorrel and lemon €26






"Galician Beef and Laurent Brosse Squash" Nuts and pumpkin seeds €24
"Pigeon Maison Valeyre and Broccoli" Almonds, mint and peach €26
"Ibaîama Pork and Ceps" Alpine Beaufort €24
All our meat and poultry dishes are served with seasonal vegetables






Home-made speciality cheese dish 7€
Fromage blanc from La Ferme de Champ Vert 6€
Trolley of hard aged cheeses from La Fromagerie Mons 11€





"Chocolate and Coconut" croquette €9.50
"Lemon tart" Trompe l'oeil  €9.50
"Mango and Yuzu" Mango sorbet topped with yuzu-flavoured ganache  €9.50
"Victoria Pineapple and Tonka Bean" vacherin €9.50

Restaurant gastronomique La Source à Saint Galmier : menu

Produce is at he 
heart of our cuisine...
and inspires creation

of the most delicious dishes

Local producers


We’re delighted to pay tribute to these smiling unaffected people, our local suppliers who deliver high-quality fresh products to us daily:


Our Meat | L’escargot Baldo (Gilles Deleage) & La Maison Despi


Our Fish | Mericq wholesale fish merchants


Our vegetables | Laurent Brosse market gardeners & greengrocer Sébastien Burgos


Our Cheesemongers | La Ferme du Champ Vert & La Fromagerie Mons


Our Artisan Chocolate-makers | Chocolaterie Weiss & Chocolaterie Pailleux


And also the Huilerie Beaujolaise & Muñoz, suppliers of virgin pressed oils

Thanks to these producers, we’ve discovered some wonderful human stories and a secure supply system.

Les menus du restaurant gastronomique La Source sont élaborés à partir de produits locaux