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Brasserie Le 1933, viandes maturées entre Lyon et Clermont Ferrand
Brasserie Le 1933, le Chef Quentin Jacoud et sa brigade
Viandes maturées près de Saint-Etienne
Brasserie Le 1933, bistronomie près de Saint Etienne

Le 1933

Brasserie specialising in high-quality meat

Come and savour a delicious piece of aged beef showcased in the magnificent surroundings of the 1933. Chef Quentin Jacoud and his brigade are experts in maximising its tenderness and succulence! Enjoy it either on the shaded terrace or in the stylish, colourful and airy wood-panelled dining room combining modernity with tradition, where an elegant pure-breed bullock made of multi-coloured tiles is a striking feature.
Open 7 days a week, the brasserie is a meeting place for families, business customers and hotel guests. With its bistro-style gastronomic menu, you can try all the different dishes and give yourself a taste sensation with high-quality meat, salad or fish!
For everyday dining or a special occasion, whether you are a regular customer or a visitor passing through, yield to the gentle pace of life in Saint-Galmier, take a seat and allow our attentive, knowledgeable staff to help you decide.

Viande maturée entre Lyon et Clermont Ferrand : Brasserie Le 1933 à Saint Galmier



Of traceable


For your delectation

High-quality meat

Despi have specialised in butchery since 1933 and have mastered the art of ageing prestige meat. This muscle tenderising technique allows the fat to slowly infuse into the meat and perfume it with a unique taste and flavour.

You will therefore be eating beef at its optimal maturity: indulge yourself with a piece of mature Charolais beef with fine marbling and unrivalled succulence, a boneless rib of tender buttery Wagyu beef, or maybe a Black Angus steak with grassy notes and exceptional marbling?

Naturally the Chef, who loves to hold forth on this subject, will be delighted to help you choose and answer your questions during this fantastic gastronomic experience.